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Hyderabad Detectives Private Limited

CASES DONE IN 2021 - 2022





Hyderabad Pune Spousal(or)Pre-Matrimonial Pre-Marital Check
Vadodara Hyderabad Individual Clients(Personal Cases) Missing Persons Investigation
Hyderabad Dubai Financial Services Industry Background Investigation
New Zealand Hyderabad Spousal(or)Post-Matrimonial Post-Marital Check
Hyderabad New Delhi Attorney & Legal Services Background Investigation
Germany Hyderabad Individual Clients(Personal Cases) Investigation (Audio / Video)
Hyderabad Singapore Bussiness Partners Bussiness & Corporate
Canada Hyderabad Real Estate Professionals Real Estate Fraud Investigation
Hyderabad Goa Individual Clients Criminal Record Check
Australia Hyderabad Corporate Clients Bussiness & Corporate
Hyderabad USA Individual Clients(Personal Cases) Secret Audio / Video Recording
UK,London Hyderabad Corporate Clients Business Background Checks
Hyderabad Bangaladesh Spousal(or)Matrimonial Affair During Divorce of Spouse
Srilanka Hyderabad Human Resource Professionals Investigation / Shadowing
Hyderabad Lucknow Individual Clients(Personal Cases) Missing / Kidnapped

Detective Equipments used by Hyderabad Detectives